We Offer In-Person and On-Line Tutor Trainings

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Our Tutor Training Program

Literacy of Northern New York is always looking for tutors in basic reading, English to Speakers of Other Languages (ELL) or math. Tutoring allows you to share your knowledge with another person, giving them the priceless gift of literacy and helping them to achieve their goals.

All our volunteers attend a training course that prepares them to teach a student.

Math: Our math course is a quick two-hour training. Our students tend to need help with basic math such as subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and word problems. Our books explain step-by-step how to do each type of math problem, which can also serve as a good refresher for tutors!

Reading and ELL: We offer both in-person trainings and online training. The in-person training consists of four, three-hour sessions for either reading or those interested in helping English language learners (ELL) who were born in other countries and want to speak and understand English better. Those who want to do both trainings attend six, three-hour sessions.

Reading: We help adults who need help with basic reading skills such as sounding out words and fluency. We also work with higher-level readers who need to work on reading comprehension and vocabulary development skills.

As an ELL tutor you would be working with someone who is new to the United States and wants to learn English. Learning English can be tough, so the help of a tutor is invaluable.  Most of our students understand some English but need to practice speaking it. ELL tutoring is a lot of fun because you can see your student improving from week to week. Do you need to speak the student’s language in order to tutor? Absolutely not!  We actually prefer that you do not.  If you spoke the student’s language, you would tend to rely on it as a communication tool.

Online training: We offer Literacy New York’s tutor training program in reading, ELL or both. Volunteers interested in this option must attend a short, in-person orientation session with one of our staff members and a three-hour in-person training after completing the online course. The course contains videos, reading passages and quizzes about the material.

After completing either the in-person or online training, volunteers are matched with a student whose literacy level and needs were assessed by our staff.

Tutors and students meet once or twice a week in a public place  for an hour or two.

You are in control of your schedule.  Tutors and students set up their own meeting times.

Meeting Locations
Tutors meet students at local libraries or other public areas.  Literacy of Northern New York does NOT recommend that tutors and students meet in each other’s homes.

Tutor Support
Will I be on my own once I get started?  No!  The staff at Literacy of Northern NY is available to answer questions, give you tutoring tips and suggest new materials to use.  We call tutors quarterly to check on progress and answer questions.  We also offer tutor in-services so you can learn new tutoring skills. Literacy of Northern New York’s staff is happy to answer questions, suggest learning materials, and offer support.

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Tutor Responsibilities