Photos and Stories

Meet the People Who Make LNNY Great

If you have ever wondered what our students accomplish at LNNY, read on. You can see how hard our students have been working. Many got jobs, others got a Learner’s Permit or Driver’s Licence, others entered training or enrolled in courses, and many improved their English fluency skills!

  • Yurley went up an English language level and is taking the Phlebotomist course.
  • Al-Adle obtained his Leaner’s Permit
  • Angeline is taking an online Cosmetology course.
  • Madeleine passed her driver’s license test in Sept. 2023 and began driving herself to class instead of relying on a ride from somebody else. She also improved her English language skills by one level. She wants to get a job and is applying to become a U.S. citizen. 
  • Sheila went up an educational level and obtained a part-time job. 
  • Pinar improved her English language skills and enrolled in an MBA program.
  • Zaima obtained a phlebotomist certification.
  • Jerland improved one English language level and obtained a job at Little Caesar’s Pizza.
  • Leando improved his English skills and obtained a driver’s license.
  • Akissi obtained her driver’s license.
  • Lucero improved her English skills by one level and obtained a job delivering packages for Amazon.
  • Micheline improved her English language skills. Her tutor took her to Flower Memorial Library and Micheline obtained a library card and became familiar with the resources there. Her tutor also helped her learn how to use her new phone, read schedules, discuss health issues with a doctor, etc. 
  • Stephanie improved her literacy skills and obtained a full-time job at the ARC as a direct support professional.
  • Edi improved his English language skills. 
  • Yasmine improved her English language skills and obtained a job at the PX on Fort drum.
  • Alix improved his English skills and was accepted in the C.N.A. training program at Samaritan Medical Center. He is also working at EZ Stak. 
  • Vanessa obtained a driver’s license and obtained a job at Target. She also improved her literacy skills.
  • Emmanuella improved her English skills and obtained a job at Walmart.
  • Carolina obtained a job working at Clair’s at the mall.
  • Fara improved her English skills and began a five-day a week C.N.A. training program in January 2024. She is applying to the Nursing program at JCC. 
  • Babacar started his own driving service business and also improved his English language skills. Babacar has referred numerous students to our program.
  • Edith obtained her driver’s license.
  • Rhode obtained her driver’s license.
  • Manuel improved his English skills and is attending American Military University.
  • Angelene improved her English and got a job as a hair dresser. 
  • Nichole improved her English by one level.