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The following list includes categories in ESL (farther down on this page),  School Equivalency Test, Research, Adult Literacy, Resources and Lesson Plans, Mathematics, Technology/Online Learning, and All Content Areas

High School Equivalency Test GED®
 *  The GED® replaces the TASC test as of January 2022.

Ged ~ Mathematics Formula Sheet & Explanation

  1. This is a wonderful resource for students who need practice writing argumentative essays for the high school equivalency test. It contains the pros and cons on a wide array of topics.
  2. This is a great site for nonfiction texts on a wide variety of subjects including social studies, science, politics, and literature. Each text is written at four different reading levels so low-level to advanced students can use this material. Some of the stories contain quizzes or writing assignments. The high school equivalency test emphasizes nonfiction texts so this is a good resource for students and tutors.
  3. Students who need to learn background knowledge in science, math, social studies, etc. can watch a wide variety of videos on this site.
  4. Includes K-12 science content standards, classroom sample tasks and lessons in science.
  5. New York State Education Dept. –Adult Education—GED® Exam; Find education and Examiner Resources; GED® Test Taker Resources and general information about the GED® exam.
  6. Lessons in all subject areas; sharpen your skills with these interactive lessons.
  7. Resources for New York State educators preparing adult students for high school equivalency and beyond.
  8. Math, Science (including simulations), English, History, Health and more. Can be used in either teacher or student versions. Need to join.

Math Topics

  1.     This website contains 10 different math worksheets on each math topic, ranging from basic operations to algebra and geometry. Since it is based on Common Core standards, it will have many similar items tested on the TABE 11/12 test. This site also contains worksheets for other subjects such as social studies and English.
  2. Dynamically created math worksheets.
  3. Helps students to understand the concepts and when they just need help with the “nitty gritty”. Focus on math computing, science, and history.
  4.       Truly a plethora of free worksheets and answer keys in all area of math.

Reading, Writing, and Adult Literacy

  1. Videos of volunteers tutoring students.
  2. Research-based principles for adult basic education reading instruction 65 pages
  3. Contains great tutoring tips and ideas for teaching reading skills.
  4. A summary of scientifically-based research principles –Teaching Adults to Read
  5. You can search for free, online resources or free online courses to learn new teaching skills.
  6. ttp:// A research-based vocabulary supplement providing the tools and training for vocabulary building and retention. Engaging activities allow students to read, hear, speak, write, and break down words and sentences.
  7. News for Students and Resources for 7-12 Grade Level Teachers
  8.    Makes current events accessible to every reader, instead of a one-size fits-all approach. Offers the same article at different reading levels.

Learning Disabilities

  1. This is an excellent resource for information about learning disabilities.
  2. National Center for Learning Disabilities
  3. National Dyslexia Association
  4. Good information about different types of learning disabilities

Research General information site with a dictionary, atlas, thesaurus, and encyclopedia


  1.         Adult Citizenship Strategies for Volunteers; from the USCIS website; 8 modules to help you guide your learner through the naturalization process.
  2.    Minnesota Literacy Council has Curriculum Units for pre-beginning and beginning ESL students.
  3.        Minnesota Literacy Council ESL Pull-Out Kits with ready to use lessons and activities in pdf format for download.
  4.    List of English words with silent letters; includes colorful graphic chart and lists.
  5. Practical English lessons with audio, video, and printed lessons; free emails with topics for improving English
  7. Freerice is a 100% non-profit website that is owned by and supports the United Nations World Food Programme. Freerice helps to end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free while helping to build your vocabulary.
  8.    The LINCS ESL Pro project, funded by OCTAE, has developed three suites of resources:Meeting the Language Needs of Today’s Adult English -Language Learner
    -Integrating Digital Literacy into English Language Instruction
    -Preparing English Learners for Work and Career Pathways
  9.    Lessons in listening, reading, speaking, grammar, and pronunciation for easy to intermediate levels, external links
  10.    Free online English lessons from beginner to intermediate levels
  11.    Lesson plans and worksheets to generate in ESL and ESL reading
  12.    Site for grammar, punctuation, and writing skills
  13.    International meeting place for ESL/EFL teachers and students from all around the world, a mixture of resources and information.
  14.    A complete guide to American life for immigrants and Americans
  15.    Site for learners and teachers with a one-stop resource for locating citizenship preparation materials and activities.
  16.    EL civics, US government, and US history lessons


  1. Grammar lessons, notes, and quizzes.

Resources and Lesson Plans

  1. Online resources to help find your career. Includes a “Get Hired Toolkit”, Career Resources, College Career Programs Search, and more.
  2. Choose from a bank or quizzes or create your own. Includes “Hot Quizzes Trending Now” section.
  3. The world’s most comprehensive dictionary. Includes thesaurus, acronyms, abbreviations, idioms, encyclopedia, and a literature reference library.
  4. Lesson, interactives, strategy guides, graphic organizers and more.

Technology and Online Learning

        1. Northstar Digital Literacy  Complete program, including assessments and courses for all levels of students who want to become digitally literate. Includes Social Media, Microsoft Office, Basic Computers, Email, the Internet, and more.
        2. Over 500 online courses in ESOL, Math, Reading, and more; for learners and tutors.
        3. Online repository of free courses from learning computers to using Microsoft office.
        4. Free online typing lessons in a simple format.
        5. Online learning for instructors and 0ver 500 online courses in ESOL. There are numerous lesson plans with reading material and activities for tutors. Students have the option of listening to a recording of the stories.