Distance Learning Resources

Distance Learning provides instruction to your students when you cannot meet in person. There are different ways to provide that instruction. Here is some helpful information on how to teach from afar, but you may have ideas of your own to use. You can find webinars on strategies for teaching at a distance as well as content in different areas such as reading, math, TASC prep, teaching about Census 2020, Covid-19 information, and ESL instruction.

Please contact the office by phone (315-782-4270) or email if you need guidance or materials. The “Contact Us” page will also direct you to staff.

Literacy NJ has compiled a helpful list of Resources to aid instructors during the pandemic when face-to-face instruction is not permitted and we are all under isolation orders. However, continue to use distance learning as a tool even after the shutdown ends. The following links are from Literacy NJ’s website.

Online Resources for Distance Learning

World Education’s distance learning page includes resources and also upcoming webinars on distance learning: https://edtech.worlded.org/tips-for-distance-learning/
ProLiteracy has put together a great list of resources here: https://proliteracy.org/health

Tutorials on using Online Platforms – Ways of Delivering Instruction

Zoom tutorials (YouTube) Zoom is a platform for delivering instruction.
Khan Academy (webinar – PA Adult Education Resources) 
USA Learns (webinar- PA Adult Education Resources) 
Google Classroom (website) 
Google Classroom (YouTube)
Google Hangouts (YouTube)
Free Conference Call

Webinars on Distance Learning

Webinars from EdTech Center @ WorldEd (offered and recorded weekly)

Low Tech Lesson Ideas – Not all students have a laptop, tablet or internet

You can find some low tech lesson ideas on Literacy NJ’s list of ideas for tutoring from home. This is a detailed list with many helpful ideas for instruction.
See  Using your Cell Phone for Instruction and other tips on ProLiteracy’s blog.